FM Area 2

Rolans FM Area 2

New for the season 2023: a series of budget rods, meeting the most modern requirements and trends of dynamically developing discipline – Area-fishing. Completely renewed line of spinning rods Rolans FM Area. It was developed specially for Russian and Belorussian market. Together with the sportsmen of these countries. This model line includes 6 models: from radical light, short FM Area2 602XUL with Extra Ultralight power with 0,5-3 bait capacity to long enough and brutal for trout fishing model 732ML with Medium-Light power and 2-12 gram capacity. The lightest FM Area models are excellent with rubber on the smallest heads and delicate micro-rollers. More test – confidently work with baits of the most popular weights in the Area-fishery, of course, are comfortable when fishing with current on the spinners, wobblers and wobblers. The main distinctive feature of each form , is a different color painted strip. In each test it is individual. In the rack of amateurs and professionals often meet several spinning rods and quickly distinguish them will allow the colored part.

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Model Length (cm) Test Action Guide type Transport
length (cm)
of pieces
Spool size Spool type Gear ratio Max drag power (kg) Rev (sm) Size Color Weight (g)
RFMA2-602XUL 183 0.5-3 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 79
RFMA2-622SUL 189 0.7-4 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 80
RFMA2-622UL 189 1-6 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 83
RFMA2-662SUL 201 0.8-4.5 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 81
RFMA2-672UL 204 1-6 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 88
RFMA2-732ML 223 2-12 Medium-Fast Alconite 120 2 97