Rolans Grand

The reel ROLANS GRAND is a series of universal models for spinning fishing. The line is represented by 3 models for different tasks: light, medium and heavy jig fishing, fishing for spinners and wobblers. The reels have a lightweight, elegant body made of durable aluminum with beautiful plastic inserts to reduce weight. The ROLspin rotor has a lightweight design. It has been carefully balanced which ensures a smoother and easier spinning. The Grand mechanism has 5 closed-type ball bearings and 1 roller bearing. They are not afraid of moisture and salt. We did not save on the main pair and offer the most proven mechanism – steel on bronze. All mechanisms in the Grand series coil are reliable and time-proved. Twisting of the fishing line helps to avoid the roller of the logger. The series is perfect for both beginners and avid anglers.

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Model Length (cm) Test Action Guide type Transport
length (cm)
of pieces
Spool size Spool type Gear ratio Max drag power (kg) Rev (sm) Size Color Weight (g)
Grand 2000 2000 5.2:1 8 57 256
Grand 3000 3000 5.2:1 8 61 283
Grand 4000 4000 5.2:1 12 71 280