Easy Game

Rolans Easy Game

The Rolans Easy Game series of rods fully justifies its name (“Easy Game”) and satisfies all the requirements of its spinning rods-class. Ultra-light and micro-jig fishing is the element of this series.

A series of four rods is available in lengths from 180 to 210 cm, which fully covers all the needs for the ultralight fishing. The lightest model weighs only 74g. In this price category it is one of the best features!

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Model Length (cm) Test Action Guide type Transport
length (cm)
of pieces
Spool size Spool type Gear ratio Max drag power (kg) Rev (sm) Size Color Weight (g)
EG-592UL 180 0.4-4 fast Alconite 95 2 76
EG-662UL 190 0.4-4 fast Alconite 102 2 81
EG-662L 190 1-8 fast Alconite 102 2 83
EG-692L 210 1-8 fast Alconite 109 2 85