ParadoX Bolo Pro

Rolans ParadoX Bolo Pro

Strong, reliable, well balanced rods for float fishing.

ParadoX Bolo Pro rods are well balanced; they perfectly do casting and playing.

They are equipped with lightweight guide rings with silicon carbide (SiC) inserts and a reliable, convenient reel seat. We deliver them with protective cap and a practical black cloth cover.

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Model Length (cm) Test Action Guide type Transport
length (cm)
of pieces
Spool size Spool type Gear ratio Max drag power (kg) Rev (sm) Size Color Weight (g)
PRD-400B 400 10-30 SIC 119 160
PRD-500B 500 10-30 SIC 121 220
PRD-600B 600 10-30 SIC 122 302