Tournament Bolo

Rolans Tournament Bolo

New for 2023!!! Rolans TOURNAMENT bolo rods is a new series of rods in the Rolans line. This series is designed for professional and amateur fishing. It has a bright design, hard, light, comfortable and accessible rods with spikes for fishing on the float. The line consists of 3 rods with the growth of 4.5 and 6 meters in the test 10-30 grams. Perfect to combine with Rolans Fuerza reels.  Weights of these rods 4 m – 176 grams, 5 m – 243 grams, 6 m – 313 grams.  That is an excellent performance in the market. The undoubted pluses of all Rolans rods are indicators of reliability and practicality, combining all the advanced technology on the market and an attractive price.

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Model Length (cm) Test Action Guide type Transport
length (cm)
of pieces
Spool size Spool type Gear ratio Max drag power (kg) Rev (sm) Size Color Weight (g)
ROLYOURB2-400 10-30 medium-fast SIC 105 4 150
ROLYOURB2-500 10-30 medium-fast SIC 105 5 150
ROLYOURB2-600 10-30 medium-fast SIC 105 6 150